Elastoshield Weather No.3

Main Features:
  • Low VOC
  • Heat Reduction
  • Excellent Dirt Pickup Resistance
  • Resist to Chalking & Flaking
  • Anti Mould & Algae Growth
  • Durable & UV Resistance
  • Non hazardous & Low Odour
  • Excellent Resist to Alkali & Efflorescence Attack
Pack Size:
5Lt / 20Lt

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Product Description

Elastoshield Weather No.3

is a special newly formulated Intelligent premium modified acrylic polymer based paint which provides toughness and durability against the harsh weather. It is specially formulated for the harsh Tropical Environment to exhibit multifunctional properties that resistant to dirt pickup, chalking, flaking, mould, algae growth, alkaline & efflorescence attack which provide up to 5 years protection ( with recommended Colourland ElastoShield 123 System ). It has excellent color retention and heat reduction properties providing a long lasting vibrant finishes.

Colourland ElastoShield Weather No.3 is environmentally friendly product with low VOC, no harmful heavy metals or toxic materials.


This decorative and protective emulsion paint provides a long lasting aesthetic finish to the Exterior Walls (previously
painted or new). Specially formulated for the Harsh Tropical Environment.