Anti Sticker Paint

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1Lt / 5Lt

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Product Description

Anti Sticker Paint
Single Pack Modified Polyurethane Paint

Acts as an innovative single pack non-stick coating that able to protect the surfaces from fly-posters and graffiti.

It preserves a clean and beautiful environment to reduce the visual pollution by facilitates the quick and simple removal of bill stickers and fly-posters with no sticker mark.

It provide tough paint film which applied in just one coat over the top of existing or newly painted surfaces to extend redecoration cycles and enable the regular cleaning to take place without damage occurring to bricks, concrete, tiles, metals, stone, plaster, timber, walls, doors and ceilings.

Is recommended to use at lamp poles, street lights, traffic lights, telephone & utility, street sign posts, ATM machine, public transportation, bus transit shelters, pedestrian walkways, electrical boxes, portable restrooms and phone booths.