Cementitious Surfacer

Pack Size:
Component A –
A1 (12kg in 20Lt PVC pail)
A2 (5kg in PVC bag)

Component B – 8kg (PVC bag)

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Product Description

Cementitious Surfacer
Modified Styrene Acrylic Cement-Sand Blend

Is a water-based, two-component kit consisting of a blend of highly durable, flexible acrylic modified polymer and special finely graded cementitious materials. When properly applied, this formulation becomes an integral part of the wall, filling and sealing the pores and voids in the surface while allowing full breathing.

Colourland Cementitous Surfacer is flexible, adheres to most surfaces and fills hairline cracks. It has excellent resistance to wear and weather.

It is recommended for the primary application for:

  • Concrete block
  • Precast concrete
  • Formed concrete
  • Foundations
  • Back coating between face brick and back-up units
  • Below grade surfaces subject to water penetration
  • Brick and stone