Damp Sealer

Main Features:
  • Dual Resin Technology From France
  • Shorten Construction Working Time
  • Withstand Moisture Level Up to 60%
  • Excellent Alkaline Resistance
  • Deep Penetration
Pack Size:
5Lt / 20Lt

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Product Description

Damp Sealer
Solvent Based Full Acrylic Resin Sealer

Is a heavy duty grade solvent based Acrylic Resin Sealer for interior and exterior use.

Colourland Damp Sealer is formulated using the latest research on resin development, utilizing dual resins technology to create a superior coating that is able to be used on surfaces that are still damp with moisture.

Incorporating two special resins that work differently, with water compatible resin that is able to penetrate deep into the moist surface and another resin that form a continuous film that help to prevent water from seeping through, thus giving excellent adhesion and waterproofing resistance to new or old surfaces Works well on freshly plastered surfaces, concrete, and cementations based surfaces that have been cured for a minimum of seven days or below 60% moisture level (Protimeter – Moisture Measurement Instrument).

Is painted as a primer sealer for new and old surfaces. It provide excellent adhesion and waterproof to high moisture level new or old masonry surfaces, where conventional sealer can’t.

It dries to forms an impermeable barrier to stop water seepage and can be applying on freshly plastered walls after 7 days curing. Highly recommended for damp walls or when painting is required to be done on the shortest time after plastering, like renovation works, construction of Factories or Shopping Complexes.