Main Features:
  • Low Odour & Low VOC
  • Elastomeric
  • Flexible
  • High Water Resistance
  • Excellent Resistance to saponification
Pack Size:
5Lt / 20Lt


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Product Description

Waterproof Sealer

Colourland ElastoSeal is a multi-purpose water-based high-build modified acrylic sealer suitable for use with Colourland ElastoKote membrane systems.

Colourland ElastoSeal is designed as an elastic, high water permeability, excellent alkaline & efflorescence resistance, fast drying and non-toxic waterproof sealer. The single component nature of Colourland ElastoSeal makes it easy to use and suitable for priming in new construction, repair & renovation projects and preventive maintenance works.

The final cured film is tough and able to promote better adhesion to the cleaned, competent substrates or surfaces such as concrete, fibrous cement sheet, render, brick and bituminous membrane. It also suitable to apply on exposed areas like roofing, podium decks, external wall and balcony dooring sills.

Colourland ElastoSeal can be applied onto properly cleaned, competent concrete substrates, masonry, hardboards, fibre-boards, timber or any other properly prepared and cured cement-based surfaces.

Light Grey ES-300