Epoxy Anti-skid

Pack Size:
5Lt (4Lt Base + 1Lt Activator)

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Product Description

Epoxy Anti-skid
Two Pack Epoxy-Polyamide Paint

Is a two pack hi build amine-adduct cured epoxy coating. It is formulated to provide slip proof protection & chemical resistance.

This epoxy anti-skid coating is designed for application to horizontal surfaces for improved skid resistance, especially the floor areas which are subjected to abrasive traffic, impact and / or corrosive spillage.

This permanent non skid coating can be paint to help prevent slip accidents and saves down time by eliminating slippery areas in any work environment

It is mainly for used to prevent accidents on sidewalks, ramps, trucks, production areas driveways, basement floors, bricks, stones and ceramic tile surface.

It also recommended for use by the oil and gas industry, pulp and paper, manufacturing or other industrial applications requiring a tough, durable non-skid safety coating