Epoxy Red Oxide Primer

Pack Size:
5Lt (4Lt + 1Lt Activator)

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Product Description

Epoxy Red Oxide Primer
Two Pack Epoxy-Polyamide Primer

Is a two pack Hi Build Epoxy Finish for use on steel and concrete surfaces. Provides excellent resistance to corrosion, oils, chemicals, water and abrasion. It is recommended for immersion and non immersion services.

Suitable for machinery, flooring, concrete and steel structures.

Provides excellent corrosion resistance and is an extremely tough and durable coating with high chemical-resistant and hard wearing properties.

An excellent Primer for use in chemical plant, food and beverage factories, laboratories, hospitals, industrial building, concrete floor, steel or galvanized tank, ships and offshore structures.

Epoxy being a chemical cured finish is an excellent protection against harsh environmental conditions.