Ginga Stardust (GS Silver/Gold)

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Ginga Stardust(GS Silver/Gold)
Modified Acrylic Emulsion.

COLOURLAND GINGA SERIES creates a 3D Textured Wall Paper like fashionable wall finish to your house. It comes with different choices of effect and texture finishes that enhance a pleasant, luxurious and stylish looking wall.

Ginga Stardust (GS Silver/Gold)
Innovative Paint Enhancer with Frost Texture Comes with Silver or Gold semi-transparent chips that create an aesthetic textured effect to your living space. It is ready-to-use product, only need to apply one coat to any existing wall colours (interior or exterior wall).

For decorative interior and exterior walls, ceiling, cement-based plaster, gypsum based plaster, brickworks, hard and soft boards, almost any kind of hard substrate.

Silver / Gold