Ginga Starlight (GSL)

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Ginga Starlight(GSL)
Modified Acrylic Emulsion.

COLOURLAND GINGA SERIES creates a 3D Textured Wall Paper like fashionable wall finish to your house. It comes with different choices of effect and texture finishes that enhance a pleasant, luxurious and stylish looking wall.

Ginga Starlight (GSL)
Bathe Your Room Sparkle with Shimmering Finish It is a clear glittering effect paints that make your wall shimmer with glistering radiance in mind. The finishing can be applied over any paint in any colour or sheen to make entire wall shimmer or just light up a magical accent area.

For decorative interior and exterior walls, ceiling, cement-based plaster, gypsum based plaster, brickworks, hard and soft boards, almost any kind of hard substrate.

Clear / Transparent