Original Plasma Ion Ceiling

Main Features:
  • Healthy, Clean Air Living Environment
  • Continuos Plasma Negative Ions
  • Fungus Resistant Smooth Soft Matt Finish
  • Reduces Asthmatic & Air Borne Respiratory Complications
Pack Size:
5Lt / 20Lt

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Product Description

Original Plasma Ion Ceiling
Emulsion Paint

Is specially developed with Latest Paint Technology into a LOW VOC and LOW ODOUR latex emulsion paint provides care for whole family by Continuous Unlimited Negative Ion Emission for Healthy Living Environment.

Its Continuous Negative Ion Emitting features will attack airborne particles like Bacteria, Fungus & Mould Spores, Pollens, Dirts and Mites.

Killing and rendering them in-active even while you are sleeping, providing for a Clean Air Environment Living.

Children and Adults will have less Asmathic as well as other Air Borne diseases attack.

It provide Smooth Soft Matt Finishes that is able to enhance the ceiling luxurious ambient while protecting them at the same time.

It is fungus resistant and formulated for a long lasting ceiling finishing.

For decoration and protection of wall, ceiling, plaster, brickwork and cement board, hard and soft board.