Solar Seal

Main Features:
  • Enhance Natural Beauty of Wood
  • Transparent Finishes
  • Fungus and Algae Resistant
  • Exterior Durability
  • Good Colour Retention
  • Good Adhesion and Flexibilty
Pack Size:
500ML / 1Lt / 5Lt


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Product Description

Solar Seal
Decorative Pigmented Varnish

Is a special modified alkyd based air drying formulation, exclusively formulated to protect outdoor exposed wooden surfaces against wood rot and mould growth by its penetrative properties, which ensure the introduction of preservatives into the wood cell.

It is suitable for use on all types of new or previously treated exterior and interior hard and soft woods, will not peel, crack or blister on exposure to weather.

It extremely durable, hard and flexible finish with excellent abrasion resistance is highly recommended for use on cane or wooden furniture and fixtures, doors paneling, partition and parquet flooring. It’s water resistant and transparent finishes will enhance the natural beauty of wood.

For decoration and protection of exterior exposed wooden and rattan surfaces; including parquet flooring, cane, wooden furniture, gymnasium and wood paneling.