Spray Master Zinc Rich Primer

Main Features:
  • Single-packed organic primer
  • Provide 83% zinc dust in dry film
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Self-healing
Pack Size:
400 ML Per Can


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Product Description

Spray Master Zinc Rich Primer
Premium High Heat Aerosol Paint

Is a one-package organic primer used for steel and ferrous metals that combines the resistance properties of epoxy and the galvanic protection of zinc. 83% zinc dust in the dry film makes SM C019 the optimum resistance to rust and corrosion undercutting on steel structures. SM C019 is self-healing, and prevents creep age even when the surface is penetrated or scratched.

Typically used on Structural steel, wrought iron, welds, bridges, towers, damaged galvanized surfaces, fences, gutters, food plants, power plants, and refineries, interior of automotive panels.