Super Colourlite

Main Features:
  • Better Whiteness & Hiding Power
  • Good Flow & Gap Bridging
  • Fungus Resistant
  • Low Splattering
  • Economy
Pack Size:
7Lt / 18Lt
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Product Description

Super Colourlite
Emulsion Paint

Is an economical decorative wall finish with algae and fungus resistant. It is suitable for all normal interior and exterior masonry surfaces and soft wall boards.

Super Colourlite Emulsion Paint is based on Vinyl Acetate � Acrylic Copolymer which imparts washable and high degree of durability. Recommended for housing scheme and where economy is important as it can provide good application property.

For longer durability of up to 5 years on exterior surfaces, Colourland WeatherFlex Exterior Wall Finish is recommended.

SIRIM Eco Label Cert. No.: ELC0295001

For decoration and protection of wall, ceiling, plaster, brickwork, cement board, hard and soft board.