Timber Colour

Main Features:
  • Fungus Resistant
  • Exterior & Interior Use
  • For Wood and Galvanized Steel
  • Long-lasting Colour
Pack Size:
1Lt / 5Lt


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Product Description

Timber Colour
Exterior Timber Finish

Is a premium quality, high durability, 100% full acrylic water based emulsion paint. It is formulated with light-fast pigments with incorporation of effective anti-mould additives to give high anti mould protection performances for exterior wood surfaces including fences, barge-boards, fascias, exposed balconies, wood walls and cladding.

It is also specially formulated with excellent adhesion properties and can be apply directly onto galvanized iron such as gutters and metal roofing sheets.

provides excellent protection for wooden surfaces and galvanized steel. It can also be used as an exterior and interior decorative coating. Specially formulated with 100% light-fast pigments, excellent anti moulds properties and excellent alkali resistant.

Colourland Timber Colour provides durable long lasting aesthetic finish for all types of wooden surfaces.