Weatherflex Ultimate

Main Features:
  • 2x Colour Retention
  • High Solar Reflect
  • Lasting Algae & Fungal Resistant
  • Low Dirt Retention
  • 10 Year Protection

Pack Size:
1Lt / 5Lt test
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Product Description

Weatherflex Ultimate
Acrylic Exterior Wall Finish

Is a premium pure acrylic based emulsion paint which provide 2X toughness and durability against the harsh weather. It is specially formulated with unique Heat Reflextive Technology to protect the surface from harmful UV light and Infrared Rays.

This “Cool Paint” help to reflect the heat and at the same time offering a better thermal comfort environmental conditions and energy saving. It also exhibit multifunctional properties that resist dirt pickup, chalking, flaking, mould and algae growth, which provide up to 10 years protection (with correct application).

It has excellent color retention properties providing a longer lasting vibrant finishes. The volatile organic contains (VOCs) of COLOURLAND WEATHERFLEX ULTIMATE is low and contained no harmful heavy metals or toxic material. So, it is considered as an environmental friendly product.

SIRIM Eco Label Cert. No.: ELC0295001

This decorative and protective emulsion paint provides a long lasting aesthetic finish to the Exterior Walls (previously painted or new)