5 Color Ideas to make your Living Room the Happy Space for Family

After long tiring day, family gatherings in living room become our moments of solace. So, it becomes important to pick a hue that will give the space a comforting and inviting look.

Here are five timeless color ideas to make your comfort serene: 

1.Evoke Happiness with Yellow Paint trends

Yellow is referred to as the happiest color. It evokes a sense of positivity and joy, thus making it perfect for a living room.

Yellow has a surprising range of cheerful tones that can be used to infuse youthful energy in your living room. If you want to have a family room with energetic and joyful vibes without having an overwhelming vibrancy of yellow, delve into its earthy tones.

These tones are easy to incorporate into color schemes. Depending upon your desired look, you can pair it with Grey, White, and warm tones of pink and green. Muted yellow tones are ideal for a toned-down look that still feels inviting and bright throughout the year. You can also incorporate neutral color-themed patterns and wooden furniture to enhance the subtle look.

2.Keep it calm with hues of blue

Blue symbolizes tranquility and peace, hence making it a good option for the room that brings the family together. Blue is a tried-and-true favorite because it has a calming effect and goes well with many colors and styles.

There are many attractive hues of blue from which lighter shades are used to give that serene and airy look to the living room. Light Blue tones go well with neutral colors like beige or cream.

Blue is a versatile hue that can move from a dramatic to a soft vibe. But irrespective of the shades of blue you choose on your living room walls, it can help reduce anxiety and is perfect for relaxing at the end of the day.

3.Liven up your family room with Red

Red might sound dramatic and strong, but it's a comforting hue to live with. Red symbolizes passion and energy that helps liven up the family room.

Like any other color, it has many shades from which Earthy tones make the room seem safe and inviting. The earthy color palette of red, like deep reddish browns, offers a strong yet subdued red to welcome warmth to a living room wall. You can pair the wall with other accessories of nature inspired colors- from warm wood shades to clay terracotta.

4.Soothe your soul with Nature in your home

Green is nature's color that is usually associated with growth and life. Incorporating it in your living room is an optimum idea for making the space lively and relaxing for hanging out with family. 

Muted green tones are such hues of green that evokes a relaxing environment in the home. Accent choices of yellow and brown-based neutrals work well with them.

5.Make your common space versatile with Timeless White

White is the most versatile color that symbolizes love and peace. It can easily change the mood of your living space. You can go all white or combine it with your favorite color as an accent. No matter how you pair white with, it always gives an elegant, calming look.

If you prefer a relaxing look, you can go all white. And it's not a boring palette if you use the right textures and materials. This scheme is convenient if you are looking for a Minimalist and timeless living room. When using all white in interior design, the key is to include tactile textures and warm materials like wood to create contrast and include pattern and texture fabrics in your sofa, armchair, and pillows.

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