Create a cozy home you want to come back to | Soothing Color Scheme

Choosing the color scheme for your home may seem daunting, but if done correctly, you will end up with a home you will love to spend time in. 


While going for a whole house color scheme important thing to consider is to choose a palette that is cohesive and goes easy on the eye. 


How you want your home to look affects the choice of your color combinations, but still, there are some timeless soothing color schemes that you can never go wrong with.   


1. Soothing tones of Grays 


Gray has been a go-to color palette for years. Grays of all shades and intensities, whether cool, warm, light, or bold, offer a fresh and clean backdrop for decor and go perfectly with tile, worktops, furniture, and art.


However, if you are going for a color that feels tranquil and evokes a sense of calm and ease, then soft-light greys work best. It is the best neutral that can work with many styles. 


For the whole house color palette, a neutral-light grey on walls with creamy-white color on trims will provide a relaxing atmosphere and is perfect for a cooling effect in hot weather.

2. Hues of Sky


Shades of blue bring serenity to any space. Blue complements practically every other color, including bold hues like orange or red and more muted tones like beige and grey.


To create a tranquil haven, you can combine soft blue hues with earthy-toned neutrals and use pale blues for furnishings throughout the space. For a classic, timeless look, use crisp white as an accent for decor or trims. 


You can also try out a relaxing monochromatic scheme with light blue to form a cohesive and pleasant flow in the house. 

3. Elegance with versatile White


White is a timeless color that brings a fresh and bright feel to your space. From modern to traditional, it can go with any interior style. White can be easily teamed up with brightly colored accents and can help you cheaply change the feel of your home whenever you want by changing the accent deco items. 


Like any other color, white also has many tones and shades. 


For south-facing spaces in your home, cooler tones of white are best to use as these shades can balance the warmth of excess natural sunlight and help create a breezy look.


While north-facing spaces tend to get a lot less sun throughout the day, so are naturally darker and prone to shadows. Warm-white paints are generally used here as cool-toned white paint can make the shade look a lot darker when it's on the walls - and potentially a bit gloomy.

4. Pastel Shades


Pastel hues create a blank canvas while giving a bit of color to your home. For instance, Pastel yellows and blues as a major theme for the home color palette promote comfort and happy thoughts, while pastel purple and orange add boldness yet a serene feel to your home. 

To have a harmonious and pleasing pallet in your home, you need to see how the room's lighting and surrounding colors affect your chosen wall color. Use painted sample boards to try how the color will look before choosing any popular color schemes. 

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