How To Calculate Requirement Of Paint?


Painting the house can be a tedious decision, especially while calculating the cost of the same. If you are not an expert in the same, you must understand all factors that are important while dicing on the budget of paint. We will include all those in this article, including: 

  • Quantity of Paint for Walls

  • Quantity of Paint for Ceilings

  • Calculating how much is required

You must know how much paint to purchase. When it comes to interior painting, a little arithmetic may help you save a ton of time. Anyone who has ever painted an interior room of their house has stood in the paint aisle and pondered how many cans they should purchase.

Make some calculations in advance to keep your colors coordinated and prevent additional trips to the store:

How Much Paint Do Walls Need?

Start by calculating the total length of each wall that needs painting from end to end.

The perimeter is then multiplied by the height of the walls, measured from floor to ceiling. You will then have the room's square footage to work with.

Last but not least, divide your total by the roughly equivalent coverage of one gallon of paint. This informs you of the quantity of paint required for one coat of wall painting.

How Much Paint Do Ceilings Need?

Multiply the length by the breadth of the ceiling to determine its square footage, just as you did for the walls. Then divide that amount by 400 to get the quantity of paint required.

  • Excluding Windows and Doors: 

Avoid purchasing paint that you won't use if you aren't painting the trim on your doors and windows. By multiplying the length by the breadth of each item, you can get their square footage, which you can then take away from the overall amount of wall paint.

  • Estimate: 

Windows and doors are both typically 15 square feet and 20 square feet, respectively. Add up the square footage of each in your project area, then deduct that amount from the area designated for painting the walls. To determine how many gallons of paint you'll need for one coat on the walls and ceiling, that does not include doors and windows. Divide the new final number by 400.

Calculator for how much paint do you need?

Calculate the length and breadth of each room's walls. For example, a square-shaped room may have walls that are 10 feet high and 12 feet wide.

To get the wall's square footage area, multiply the wall's height by its breadth, such as 10 x 12 for 120 square feet, or 120 x 4 for 480 square feet, for a room's four walls.

You may subtract the minimum required areas for a door and window, which are 15 and 20 square feet, respectively. This leaves a total wall space of 445 square feet that has to be painted. Total 445 + 120 = 565 square feet after adding the 120 square feet of the ceiling.

As 3 liters of paint typically covers 350 square feet in one coat, the estimate divides the total square footage by 350 to obtain 3 liters of paint coverage per square foot. Mathematical calculations like 565 * 350 = 5 liter (approx) for a single coat and 1.6 * 2 = 10 liter (approx.) for two coats are required.

The amount of paint required to paint a particular area may be determined using these procedures as well. Choose the ideal paint for your project since it distinguishes your house and lasts a longer period.


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